Thursday, May 9, 2013

Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Surprises? by DL Larson

My life is becoming a tangled web of "should do this," versus "need to do that."  The other day I tackled one of my "need to" items.  I approached a local book store about having a book launch for my upcoming book.  Yes, I'm still waiting, no, you haven't missed it!

I have had my ISBN# for nearly a month and as a librarian and an author, I know once that number is designated to a book, said book should be available for pre-order, regardless of release dates.  When I walked into the book store the owner recognized me from my previous books.  That was a perk I hadn't expected.  I still tend to forget people actually read news articles and obviously she had read an article about my upcoming book.

She told me many independent bookstore owners don't cater to local authors as there is usually little money in it. I know that fact all too well from previous encounters with other book shops.  But she has worked with local authors in the past and she intends to continue in the future.  She also told me she wasn't happy that I hadn't mentioned her store in the article she read.

Several thoughts raced through my head, mainly that I sent a generic news article to several papers across Illinois.  I didn't mean to omit her store, I simply hadn't thought of zoning in on any particular store other than the big ones where retailers buy their books, ie. Ingram, Baker and Taylor, plus the places that offer e-books as well. 

I told her I simply followed the advice my publisher had given me, to promote the author and not just the upcoming book.  I also explained that I planned to put an ad in the local paper when I would have a book launch.  To that she said good and we got down to business of setting a date for my book signing.

Then the BIG snag hit.  She could not find my book in the Ingram List.  Nor could she find it in Baker and Taylor or  I knew it wouldn't be available for pre-order on Amazon, but surprise smacked me up-side the head that my book was not available through Ingram.  So that meant no date for a book launch until I got this straightened out.

Instead of coming home with something checked from my "need to do" list, I had added to it.  So I immediately sent an email to my publisher - I would have liked to talk to them personally but thought it best to wait a few days.  I am a redhead after all and no need to burn bridges if I don't have to.  My temper has on occasion, matched my hair.

So, here I am, waiting to hear from my publisher about why my book is not on the Ingram List.  I really pray she will call me tomorrow and tell everything is fine and wonderful! 

On a good note, this Friday I will be guest blogging at Heroines With Heart, hosted by Deb St. John. .  Please stop by.

Til next time ~

DL Larson


Margot Justes said...

It seems to be a never ending process. I know the waiting period is hard.

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb,
Quite struggling period for you, but remeber, good things comes to those who waits.
Read on this page.