Saturday, August 8, 2009

What Margot Justes

Periodically I watch a commercial and the products aimed at the normal everyday person-aren’t they all-pitched by an entertainer-the one who looks like no improvement is ever necessary and is pitching a cream or perfume. Just think, if you use that product you’ll look just like Nicole Kidman, or somehow there will be an association. Never mind that they are paid to sell the product; it is a business, after all and rightfully so, they are there to make money.

But what if a company went to the everyday person and actually asked them to pitch a product and I don’t mean laundry detergents or toilet cleaners. I mean the ‘glam’ products like Lancôme. I’m using Lancôme as an example because I’ve used the product for many years (can I say decades).

I believe it to be an excellent product and I do not use anything else on my face. Lancôme has recognized the aging population and has provided products for all. I’m assuming they all do it to grow the business. However, I would love to see the product pitched by normal everyday people.

I realize that as I have aged, gravity has taken and will continue to take its place where it rightfully thinks it belongs-like an unwelcome guest-it arrives for a visit and stays no matter the prodding. Until death do us part...

My personal preference is to age gracefully, I’ve earned every wrinkle, and will keep same, I use products I think help my skin age well, I can’t ask for more. So I can honestly say that for me the product works, in fact works very well.

My point is, I don’t see Lancôme beating down a path to my door and asking me to be a spokesperson for them. I love the product, yet there is one thing missing-I’m not a celebrity and therefore will not have the appeal that is generated by entertainers and I include sports personalities here as well-and it is after all a business intent on selling their products. How many of us would buy a ‘glam’ product pitched by an every day person?

Ah, well back to reality-my type of reality as a writer-a world of my own making, where I decide what happens.

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