Saturday, August 29, 2009

Killer Nashville by Margot Justes

The weekend of August 14th I attended the Killer Nashville, a small intimate writer/reader conference and I can’t wait to go back next year.

From the very beginning it became an exceptional experience, the personal attention to detail was unexpected. I was worried I’d miss my first panel Friday morning, but since I was picked up at the airport, it was a non issue, made it in plenty of time, and even had time for an espresso; it should have been a double.

It’s that type of attention to detail and care that made me feel very welcome, and the conference a total delight.

The panels were good and informative, among them, one exceptional panel where agents, editors, a publicist, an Ingram Representative and a Barnes & Noble Manager discussed the future of books, from the finished manuscript to the reader buying the book. I hope the panel will be back next year; I’ll be prepared to take notes.

I took an opportunity to sneak away and visit downtown Franklin, an historic main street not to be missed, little boutiques, restaurants, and old buildings well preserved and lovingly cared for. There was an old church dating back to the early 1800’s with beautiful stained glass windows, but the doors were locked and I couldn’t get in.

It was hot and I do mean hot, the air shimmered in the heat and the humidity stuck to you like second skin. After a couple of hours walking, I was ready to go back to the hotel to cool off. Starbucks iced coffees did the trick, but only for a while.

As the saying goes, I’ll be back.

Till next time,
Margot Justes
A Hotel in Paris ISBN 978-1-59080-534-3
Art brought her to Paris, then a stranger’s death changes her life.
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Morgan Mandel said...

Sounds like a great event. Glad you could share with us.

Morgan Mandel