Friday, August 28, 2009

Get Away by Robert W. Walker

Sometimes you are damed -- as in blocked, damed up...and the creative flow is gone or off somewhere else; at such times stop belaboring the muse and go off someplace yourself to allow your subconsicous to do its work on its own time clock.

This may seem a simple answer to a terribly complext problem -- Writer's Block -- but sometimes it takes a vacation, a trip, a conference, or going to your kid's soccer game, or some recital you'd have missed had you been feverishly writing. Sometimes stop and breath and smell the oleander bushes.

Sometimes it takes far less than getting on a plane to make a trip of it to find that thing we call our muse--the elusive one. Sometimes it just requires a few hours off and working in the dirt, say your garden or cutting your lawn. OR simply taking a relaxing moment in a pool or hot tub or shower. Amzing as it seems, such "get aways" can evoke the muse as she is a jealous wench to be sure.

Serendipity happens when our minds are at peace with what we are doing in the moment, and if you are at odds with your writing at the moment, you must need step back and get off stage and get your fevered mind in check!

Sorry...didn't mean to raise my voice there. But you get the point. I have had some of my best "stuff" come to me while raking leaves.

Besides, we don't do our BEST work until we turn at least fifty anyhow. Now for me that number is long past but for you kids out there, cool it and enjoy it or else stop doing it! If it hurts in the joints, stay out of them joints.

Rob Walker
"Dead On takes the reader's capacity for the imagination of horror to stomach turning depths, and then gives it more twists than a Georgia backroad that paves an Indian trail." - Nash Black

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