Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Below - Morgan Mandel and hubby in our Hawaiian regalia - note the turtle neck shirts underneath - It was way below zero outside! Well, we could pretend. That's what books are all about anyway.

Good friends and fans, Al & Rosemary Braun, getting into the Hawaiian spirit.

A smattering of the family and friends at the Hawaiian theme Book Launch Party for Girl of My Dreams by Morgan Mandel. More arrived later and some were camera shy.

Events are meant to be shared. When you're an author, what better place than online. Don't be afraid to include photos from important events on your blog and website, listservs file section, anywhere and everywhere you can put them. Corny, but it's true - a picture tells a thousand words. People who do or don't read both seem to be drawn to pictures. They also enjoy watching videos.

I don't yet have my videos ready, but I do have some great digital Love is Murder Con photos, Book Launch Party photos and book signing photos. They'are all important to me, so it's hard to choose which to share and when. Personally, I'll have to go with the Book Launch Party photos first, since they're closest to home in my heart.

Since one of the various locales where my romantic comedy, Girl of My Dreams, takes place is in Hawaii, I chose a Hawaiian theme for my book launch party. That was ironic in the extreme, since the below zero temperature and ultra frigid wind temperature last Sunday provided a stark contrast to the party's theme.

The day before, I and my brother decorated the room I rented from the Arlington Hts Historical Museum, with cut outs and all kinds of fun tropical stuff, like small fans, little drink umbrellas, leis. Many of the refreshments I chose had a Hawaiian connection, such as Hawaiian punch, pineapple juice, coconut cookies, macadamia nuts. I also played Hawaiian music on a karaoke machine. We all had a good time pretending and forgetting the blustery day outside. Also, I sold lots of books!

Book signings are for selling books. Book Launch parties are much more than that. They're also for sharing the good news and giving back to the family and friends who support you on your writing journey. You may spend money on refreshments and spend time putting it all together, but the memories will be worth it - also the promo ops.

All the best,
Morgan Mandel

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