Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy as a Bee... er Norm

Deadlines, deadlines ... whoa ... gots me some deadlines.

At LIM an agent was impressed enough with my YA humor vampire idea ... not book, mind you ... to tell me to get off my duff and finish it.

Meanwhile, we're converting to a very sophisticated new computer system at work, where not only do I basically have to teach it to myself ... (the programmers are idiots) ... but teach my staff. Live day is March 1.

I also have to get a short story done, ASAP.

And I'm reading a bunch of manuscripts for a regional high school writing contest. There's a deadline for this.

Did I mention that we have a month-end closing at work on the old system that should be a joy?

All that, and a booksigning at 1:00 on Saturday, March 1 at Best Sellers Books in Palos Heights Il. (corner of Ridgeland and 127th) with four other authors from our anthology, The Heat of the Moment.

C'mon out ... I'll be the hectic looking guy.


(Oh, hey, I can't remember. Did I happen to mention that The Next Adventures of Guy ... more wackiness won the P&E Reader's Poll for Sci-Fi/fantasy? Woo-hoo! The Heat of the Moment was also a Top Ten finisher. Woo-hoo, again! Thanks to everyone who voted!)
The Adventures of Guy ... written by a guy (probably)
The Next Adventures of Guy ... more wackiness
The Heat of the Moment (anthology)

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