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Welcome to Marvin L. Zimmerman

Marvin L. Zimmerman
Author of The Ovum Factor

Robert W. Walker, Friday Blogger, and the other members of the crew at Acme Authors Link welcome Marvin L. Zimmerman to our blogsite.
Marvin L. Zimmerman
Author of The Ovum Factor

Marvin L. Zimmerman is 58, father of one son, Eric, who is 6, and married for 20 years to Maisie Cheung.

For nearly 15 years now, Marvin has been Publisher & Editor of INMR Quarterly Review - a publication in the field of transmission and distribution of electrical energy, with 20,000 readers worldwide. He is also Chairman and organizer of the WORLD CONGRESS ON INSULATORS, ARRESTERS & BUSHINGS – a bi-annual technical conference and exhibition which takes place in selected cities throughout the world.

Marvin received his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and went on to complete his M.B.A. in international business (1972). Before starting INMR, he owned a small consulting firm specializing in international marketing. During this time, he traveled extensively throughout the world, visiting over 50 countries on all continents. He was also for many years a teacher of International Business at two of Canada’s largest universities - McGill and Concordia.

Marvin’s parents are both Holocaust survivors who managed to flee Poland just before the arrival of the Nazis. He was born in Salzburg, Austria shortly after the war finished and emigrated to Montreal Canada while still a child.

The Ovum Factor was written in Rio de Janeiro as well as the Amazon during the three-month period from October to December 2006. The images and experiences written into the plot of this novel are based on firsthand exposure to the jungles and rivers as well as visits to the Indians living there.

All his life, Marvin has been an ardent environmentalist and lover of the natural world. The plot of this novel is in many ways his reaction to the desperate situation
faced by the planet as a result of humanity’s unrelenting focus on growth without constraint. He wrote The Ovum Factor to help remind readers that our future ultimately depends as much on protecting the natural world as its survival depends on us.

Blog Post
By Marvin L. Zimmerman
Author of The Ovum Factor

Every novel starts with an inspired writer - a person who draws from a fountainhead of emotions and feelings they have accumulated from reading the fictional works of others.

As a young boy, I was especially fascinated by tales of great adventure that took place in far off lands and overlapped with tales of tragic love - the best kind of all since it is short-lived and never withers. Books such as Knight Without Armor and Lost Horizon by James Hilton, captivated me from the moment I opened them and became immersed in their tales of people struggling against almost insurmountable obstacles.

At the time I could not realize it. But reading these masterpieces was setting the stage for my own novels some forty years later.

In The Ovum Factor, I have tried to create a story that pulsates with the same restless energy that drives its protagonist through one seemingly impossible trial after the next. The plot overlays a tale of adventure and survival with the emotional angst of an unlikely hero who becomes separated from the woman he loves just when she needs him most. His struggle to survive and find what he desperately seeks is made infinitely more complex by the fact that the person he loves depends so much on him.

From the moment the hero, David Rose, awakes in his Manhattan apartment asking himself: What am I doing with my life? until the time he finds himself alone and critically injured in the deepest Amazon jungle, there will be a steady escalation of tension. And if this were not enough, the stakes are the highest possible - maybe even the very survival of mankind in the face of ecological degradation and climate change.

The reader who gives my first novel a chance will I hope be rewarded a story that will transport them from the centers of high-finance in New York to the California Institute of Technology in beautiful Pasadena - from China to the crime-infested slums of Rio de Janeiro, and finally into the hidden depths of the Amazon jungle. In between, there will be more twists and turns than the Da Vinci Code.

By the end of his journey, David will have completed both an actual and a metaphysical journey toward his true destiny - something that should prove emotionally satisfying for the reader.

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Marvin, thanks for stopping by today.
Robert W. Walker


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