Thursday, February 28, 2008

Back to Reality! by DL Larson

Returning home from vacation is a melancholy euphoria. I'm glad to be home, yet sad that my time away is over. I'm happy. I'm sad. I smile at the many pictures I took, but groan at the pile of mail to sift through. I wrap up in a fuzzy sweater feeling cozy and warm, yet reluctantly tuck away my swimsuit, knowing I won't need that again for several more months. My emotions are on a roller coaster ride and I struggle to find my stride in my regular world.

Paging through the pile I left on my desk, the stack that begs to be attended, bores me. I'd rather finish the book I started on vacation. But time doesn't allow that and the little kid in me wants to drop to the floor and say, "I want to go outside and play. Now!" Except snow has replaced the ocean view I had last week, and damp cold bites against the memory of tropical breezes. Geesh! Transitions are difficult.

Transitions in writing can be just as challenging! There's the blank line to indicate a time break or point of view change; or the end of a chapter pretty much tells the reader that's all you have to say about that scene. Some folks use the *** to turn the story in a different perspective. But when I see the *** I'm back on the balcony of my ship gazing at the stars ... did you see the moon eclipse? It was awesome in the Carribean, then the blood fingers sneaking across like the beginning of an old werewolf movie ... I loved it. But there I go jumping subjects again, unable to stay on task. Good gosh, this transition may take awhile.

Yet I'm not so willing to let my memories seep back into vacationland. Did I mention I toured a rum distillery? Now that was tasty. 43% rum is simply liquid fire that brave folks swig to the back of their throats and if they're really lucky they won't be close to a lit match. But we were talking about transitions and I have to mention the rum industry came upon the best transition of all in 1985. That's when they started making Malibu Rum - that wonderful coconut smelling stuff that goes so well with ~ well, anything! I wonder if we have any pineaplle juice in the house. I'll be back in a minute ~ I promise.

Well now, I'm feeling happier, no pineapple juice, but orange juice is just as good, mmmm, maybe better. Or is it the hint of citrus and coconut that has me feeling so mellow? I'll have to think on that for awhile. But we were discussing transitions, or was that transmissions? Something to make things work and go in the direction you need to go. My son-in-law is having trouble with his truck transmission and he took my daughter's car and she took mine. So I'm stuck at home on this roller coaster ride in my mind and I have to say I'm getting my sea legs back, getting into the sway of things. Mmmm, yes, broken transmissions could be a good thing. But only occasionally. I think.

So now that I've made that clear, I hope you take my advice and don't be so quick to jump back into the work waiting. Kick back, enjoy life for another day, pretending you're still on vacation. Indulge a little. Who in hell turned the heat up in here? This sweater is stifling! No one should have to wear so much clothing. It's unnatural. And I'm out of juice. Where's that cute waiter with the bright smile?

I left the orange juice out. Does it spoil if not refrigerated? Guess I'll find out. But my point is ~ hmmm.

I had one a minute ago. I must have set it down, lost in the sand, only to be found by the next vacationer. A little treasure to take home. Home, oh yeah, that's right. I wanted to tell you I'm home. There's no place like home. Especially if you have a good imagination and as a writer, I do, have a good imagination. Who's that guy coming in? Oh, it's the waiter! He's out of uniform, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. I don't mind, really. Casual day at sea. I get it. He can still get me something to drink. Oh, he must be on break. He brought a drink for himself.
Well, if he's willing to share, and he seems friendly enough. Work can wait. I'm at sea, drifting along watching the deep blue sea make foamy waves as I sip my rum punch. Another beautiful day, wonder what everyone is doing at home?

Oh, I forgot. I am home. Man, transitions are beastly. Good luck with yours.

Til next time ~

DL Larson

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