Friday, February 1, 2008

Rob's Become a Museum Piece By Robert W. Walker

You may have heard the rumor. Well it is no rumor. Along with other items, a copy
of Fatal Instinct has gone to the Museum of Dentistry, Baltimore, MD. Imagine it,
my book under glass and I didn't have to die for the privillege. Just amazing and
mind blowing. I am feeling like Colbert here, dazed at the attention! Now I have to
figure out what to do with this dubious honor. Apparently, the dental thread and
bite marks on the victims in FATAL Instinct could not be denied.

T'anks everyone for the applause for this admittedly dubious honor. Am trying to
figure out how to turn it into sales for my current titles. Have had a number of
suggestions. A magnetic sign on my car door panels, a sash, badge, bumper-
sticker reading "I got a piece in a museum" but I continue to take suggestions.

Rob LOL Walker
Rob Walker
City of the Absent -- vote for it at Love is Murder for best
historical fiction 2007

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