Sunday, February 10, 2008

Starting to Get the Hang of Things

Hi All,

I just returned from Morgan's book launch party for "Girl of My Dreams". It was fabulous! Not only did I have a great time, but I took notes. Lots of notes. Because soon, I'm going to need to put together an event like hers.

I'm going to have a book to launch. (It still sounds so great to say that!) I got the final edits from my editor this weekend. The next time I see a draft of my project it will be in galley form. So this is do or die time.

At this stage in my career, everyone seems to want to offer advice. Which is great. Because I am very new at this published author business. I'll take any and all advice I can get.

And, I'll offer some of my own here. Listen to what everyone has to say. Especially those who have been around the block on this before. Then sort it all out. Take what works for you, and leave the rest. Only you know what will work for you and your book.



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