Saturday, February 16, 2008

Authors by Margot Justes

I love some of the literary giants, and have been known to go back and re-read a few.

Case in point is Jane Austen; I have read all of them-not that there were so many. But, I went back after the A&E release of Pride and Prejudice. The best adaptations of a novel ever, save for that bath and swim bits-well-it was Colin Firth after all. I really do not believe there will ever be a better Fitzwilliam Darcy. The portrayal was perfection…

At any rate, I am a recent convert to the paranormal genre. I have read Nora Roberts’ Circle Trilogy, my first foray into the paranormal world. I found that I enjoyed it a great deal.

A friend recommended Kat Richardson’s Greywalker, another story well written, with a great heroine.

I do not like gory, bloody, dissecting books. I love mysteries and go for the gentler and cozier approach. Elizabeth Peters introduces Archeology and Egyptology and vividly portrays life on a dig.

Anne Perry depicts Victorian England and illustrates the social peccadilloes brilliantly. Not to forget Laurie King and her resurrection of Sherlock Holmes.

Please share some of your favorite authors of fiction – no matter what genre.

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