Monday, February 11, 2008

Random particles of stray thought ... or dust motes

And announcing .... the Acme Author GUEST BLOGGER!!

(yay! clap, clap, clap)



Oh, that' s next week?

(turns red)

Which always made me wonder, would a 'blue blood' - royalty turn blue when embarrassed?

Anyway, on that note, I've decided that today's blog shall be random.

For example, where did the phrase, "Get off scots free" come from? I mean, I'm Scottish, or a Scot, and free, and don't see any particular benefit from it that your typical Irish or Polish wouldn't derive.

How come you don't hear much anymore about Helen Reddy? Um, yeah, Helen Reddy. Remember her? She sang Delta Dawn and I Am Woman. Hint, she's still alive.

You're going to have one of these songs in your head now, aren't you?



Delta Dawn, what's that flower you have on? Could it be a faded rose from days gone by?

How about now?

I also had reason to wonder about the phrase 'like white on rice." Isn't there brown rice? I've seen black, too. It would be better to say, "like white on snow"... except snow isn't white, it's crystalline. And if a dog's around, or certain guys who are no less potty trained, it can come other colors.

Related random physics note: Did you know that whatever you look at is actually every color EXCEPT the color you think it is? For example, when you are looking at a blade of grass ... let's assume it's alive ... you think it's green. Actually, it's every color except green. When white light hits the blade of grass, the grass absorbs all of the colors except green, which bounces back to you.

Are you going to look this up now?

Did you know that if you have chronic back pain, a good way to resolve it is to work on your abdominal muscles?

From the 'fun with the cold' chronicles, here's something you can do for fun next time your thermometer dips down below zero centigrade ... er, Celsius... anyway, boil some water in a mug in your microwave until it's a rolling boil. Using oven mitts, take the mug out and scurry to the door. Then fling the water into the air. All of the water will evaporate into a little mini cloud.
You can name the cloud if you are so inclined.

I suggest the name, "Floyd"?

I'm probably not the only one who does this, but I eat frozen lemon bars in the winter and drink hot chocolate during the summer.

Is it hard to believe that I usually blog with a glass of wine? Or whine with a glass of blog?

It took me awhile, but I found a place that I like to go to for haircuts. My reason? Well, they have to use 'thinning shears' to do that part where I have hair and that part that where there used to be hair, before it migrated to my ears and nose. I just like the fact that I have to have my hair thinned.

Are you still humming Delta Dawn?

See you guys next week... wait, no I won't ... there will be a guest blogger.

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