Monday, July 16, 2007


What do fleas have to do with writing? Nothing, right?


If you have fleas in your house, you want them OUT!


You'll do whatever you have to, be it washing all of your bedding, clothes, bathing a sullen rabbit and two frantically struggling and slippery cats, bombing your basement with flea bomb, vacuuming every inch of your house including the curtains and furniture, spraying lethal stuff all over everything ...

... all the time you feel like you can feel critters crawling on you, and your skin twitches like a horse disrupting a fly.

And then, after the dust settles, you sit in your now stinky house, exhausted and flea-ed, er, ticked off, and wonder...

... just wonder ...

... well, you don't wonder anything.

Because you're too tired, and you want to go to sleep, and you hope that the extermination was successful, because if not, you do it all again in few days.

So back to my question. What do fleas have to do with writing?

Well, not really anything with writing, but definitely something with not writing. Because if you gots fleas in your castle, you'll do whatever you have to to get rid of them, be it missing the baseball game, forgoing your walk, or blogging your blog.

Going to bed now.


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