Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Novelist's Boot Camp Does Dallas

Got your attention! No we're not getting into pornography but Todd and I are on our way next week to the national conference for the Romance Writers of America (RWA). Todd will be presenting a workshop called Unstick Yourself: A Dozen Dynamite Drills from Novelist's Boot Camp.

This will be our first time to this particular conference but we're looking forward to it because it is mostly aspiring authors (including me) with a strong cadre of published authors in attendance to include Todd. Since Todd's book, Novelist's Boot Camp is geared towards the audience of writers who are struggling to finsh their first book and those who need to generate book ideas in short order once they've been contracted, this promises to be a very successful conference for us.

Now back to my first thought. The two best selling romance genres are erotica and Christian/Inspirational Romance. Now that's social commentary if there ever was any!

Have a Happy 4th, stay safe and for all you aspiring authors out there have a productive writing week.

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