Sunday, July 8, 2007

A weekend in Lafayette, Indiana By Margot Justes

I spent the weekend in Lafayette, Indiana visiting my daughter who is currently doing a Post Doc in Chemistry at Purdue. She is one of these people to whom the universe makes sense, whereas her mother, that would be me, thinks it is all magic.

I have been told otherwise numerous times, and yet, I am convinced it is in fact magic. Really…I turn on a switch and I have light, I put water in my electric tea kettle and it boils, I can turn on a computer and again magic appears, I see a huge airplane take off the ground and fly, and how many of us really, truly understand gravity...

At any rate, I strayed off my point; I went to visit my daughter and while there to try and promte my book. I checked in at our hotel and of course while there, I tried to set up a book signing, since by story takes place in a hotel, I thought it was worth a try. I wasn’t turned away, I was asked to speak to the manager, who seemed surprised and elated at the request. I now have a name and a number to call to firm it up.

I also paid a visit to my favorite art shop. It is a co-op owned and operated by various artists who sell their wares. If you ever find yourself in Lafayette, stop in at Artists’ Own. I needed a gift and while there I said I have a book coming out and my heroine is an artist, would they be interested in hosting a book signing. I received the same response, it never had been done, but sounds delightful and it will be presented to the rest of the membership at month end.

Since I have a local connection, Barnes & Noble and Borders were both interested. My daughter now has one of my canvas bags with the cover on it, and hopefully she’ll use it frequently. All in all it was a delightful and productive weekend.

Till next Saturday or Sunday,
Margot Justes
A Hotel in Paris
Echelon Press, June 2008

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