Monday, July 23, 2007

Sequins, er, Sequels

Y'know. One of the nice thing about writing is getting to know ... appreciate ... like ... or even (in some cases) dislike your own creations. Your characters.

When I wrote The Adventures of Guy, I didn't plan originally to write a sequel, or, like Douglas Adams, a four book trilogy (Hitchhikers Guide to Kalamazoo, I mean, the Galaxy). But rather on a whim, after the ending of the book I tacked on an Epilogue, which started the beginning of their next adventure.

But, really, I had no other thought about a sequel than that.


After my publishers first read (and before they accepted it), I received an email asking, "So, are you planning a sequel?" And I sent back that I wouldn't be against one, but if they wanted to snip the epilogue, then fine with me... though it wasn't really.

Was I planning something subconsciously even then? I swear, there wasn't any brain activity, some would say, still isn't. And if there was, I wasn't planning on writing another Guy book right away.

With no more comment than that, they left the Epilogue in the book, which sent a faint shiver of electricity down my spine. Really, no more than a carpet shock.

Then I got wrapped up in all of the post-book stuff, and frankly, didn't do that much writing for a bit. I nervously waited for the reviews, wondering if just one book would be my destiny.

That's when my publisher sent me an email that the editor of one of the magazines that they advertised Guy in had just this to say, "When is the sequel?"

And the reviews were coming in with the same message. They wanted more of my characters, three wacky college roommates and a well endowed Amazon warrior all on a Quest to battle attorneys, telemarketers and people who fling cigarette butts out of the window.

And I realized, I really, truly enjoyed my characters. They were fun to write, engaging, and they sort of took over the story. I didn't create them as much as I just chronicled their adventures. I wanted to get more into their lives, because frankly, I knew they had more surprises up their sleeves.

Sequels do that to you.

That's why I'm staying away from the Internet and news reports. You see, another recently released sequel is making the news recently. Some kind of wizard boy book. Maybe you heard of it.

Well, okay. From me too. I can't wait to read the final Harry Potter installment. But I have to wait until my youngest critter is done reading it. She's had it for three days now, and it's hard to wait my turn. So meanwhile I have to find some way to keep from hearing leaks of how the story finally ends. Does Harry die? Does he lose all of his hair and become Baldy? Can Hermione pronounce her own name? What does J.K. stand for anyway?

So many questions.

But when you're done reading your own copy, check out this little more modest new book, The Next Adventures of Guy ... more wackiness.

Grins and chuckles,


The Adventures of Guy ... written by a guy (probably)
The Next Adventures of Guy ... more wackiness

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