Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Today I Rode In A Parade

I had a fun time today riding in the Arlington Heights Frontier Days Festival Parade, whose theme this year was Read A Good Book Lately

Kathy Kiebala of Exotic Car Shares.Com provided the too-die-for Alfa Romeo in which I waved my hand and also my book, Two Wrongs, to the many, many throngs of people lining the parade route.

To do it up right, I gave two of my brothers and one nephew tons of bookmarks and business cards to pass out, about four hundred at least. They went like a flash. I could have brought twice as many, but then I'd be short for my upcoming library appearance in a few weeks. My husband was busy elsewhere being a parade marshall keeping children out of the path of cars, a job I usually share, but this year was different since I was actually in the parade.

At least now must of the folks in town who didn't know about my book before now do. This is the kind of exposure money can't buy and I'm grateful to Carmella Lowth from the Frontier Days Committee for making this possible.

I believe all of those people in Arlington Heights who became famous for putting their blankets out early this week to save their spots were not disappointed in the 98 units that came their way and not a drop of rain to go with them!

I'll be busy working for the Festival Committee the rest of the week in various capacities. The Frontier Days Festival in Arlington Heights is always a glorious time and I love every minute of it!

I've got some photos up about the parade at for those who'd like to check them out.

Happy 4th and 5th and the rest of the week!

Morgan Mandel

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