Sunday, February 10, 2013

Moving Along

I think maybe perhaps I've found my niche. Or at least where my talent lies. Writing shorter length novellas in a short period of time.

This week I got my contract back from administration at The Wild Rose Press. I also got my first and second rounds of edits on "The Vampire and the Vixen" from my editor. I've never had a manuscript come back so clean before. In the first edit, she made a few punctation changes - things I'd missed even with a number of read-throughs on my end before submitting - and asked if I could remove a dark dashed line she couldn't get off on her end. (Those tend to appear at times, and I've never known how to get rid of them before. But, I did some research, and learned not only did I take care of it for this mss, but I'll be able to nix them whenever they appear in the future.)

I sent that edit back, askting to make sure I hadn't missed anything else, because there weren't a lot of notes on the mss. She wrote back and said the mss was in really good shape. The second edits arrived at the end of the week. Again, not much work to do. Space for me to fill in previous titles (a back list if you will) and some quotes from reviews. She switched one line around at the beginning of a chaper, and wants me to check if H-R (When referring to Human Resources) has that hyphen in it.

That's it. No major story line changes. No addtions to the plot. Not even any major phrasing issues. I'm kind of thrilled. Maybe I'm finally learning how to write! I applied a lot of the things I learned while polishing and revising another draft of "This Feels Like Home", which is again with another editor at TWRP. I'm hoping having "The Vampire and the Vixen" in such good shape means I'm finally on the right track with "Home" too. Only time will tell.

The only downside to the week is I went into our author system to fill out my Manuscript Information Sheet and Cover Art Sheet and they were missing from my file. So I have an e-mail into administration to get that straightened out. The sooner all of that gets moving, the sooner I get a cover and the mss can head to production for a galley.

But all in all, things are really moving on this one.

And tomorrow I get to bring chocolate to my local RWA meeting to announce my sale. Which is always fun!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



Morgan Mandel said...

Can't wait to celebrate with you, Deb!

Morgan Mandel

Deb Larson said...

WOW! That is simply awesome!