Monday, April 30, 2012

First Impressions and Animals....

Just watching the Today show with a preview of Diane Keaton's new movie, Darling Companion. A dog movie! Being a dog lover, this sure sounds like one I want to see. But the first preview I see the guy loses the dog! Well not a first good impression - of the male character.

Funny how sometimes things get stuck in your head, but to me, any movie that centers on an animal I have to see - War Horse. Sad but sure rooted for the horse!

Adventures of Tin-Tin - still on my list as the dog is so cute.

Writing-wise, maybe that's why subconsciously I usually put a dog in most of my stories. Usually they add something to the story (they should if they are there!)

In my kid's mystery, Searching for a Starry Night, the dachshund Petey is right in middle of the mystery.

In my Girl Zombie story, a German Shepherd dog Chico is there as protection tho the main character (who is part Z) wonders if he will smell that she is "different."

Adding a dog or another pet or animal to a story can only make the story better, imo anyway. You know for sure that is one character the reader will love. haa!

** Do you like to read books with animals or do you put animals in your own writing, and why?

* (PS - Looking at the new pix, wish I would have made it to that conference!)


Morgan Mandel said...

Yes, I love books with dogs or other animals in them. I also love movies with animals, even if they don't have starring roles.

Sometimes I just know the poor animal will not fare well and I cringe, yet I'll still read the book or see the movie.

Morgan Mandel

Debra St. John said...

I'm actually not much of an animal person, so I don't often include them in my books. However, in one, the hero gives the heroine a puppy at the end to show he was ready to commit to the whole happily ever after idea of marriage and family...including the family dog!

Margot Justes said...

Look to 2014-the next Spring Fling.