Wednesday, April 25, 2012

There's More to Being an Author Than Some Would Believe

Life has been hectic lately. Along with keeping up with what my friends are doing on the various social networks I belong to, I planned and held my Book Launch Party last Sunday. It's not as easy as some might think. Thursday, my blog at The Blood-Red Pencil, outlines the steps I took to get that party done right.

I'm glad to say it went very well, with a steady stream of friends and relations stopping by for print copies of my latest romantic thriller, Forever Young: Blessing or Curse. Some also bought Killer Career, which came out 2 1/2 years ago. One friend downloaded my thriller on Kindle instead, and asked me to sign a bookmark for her.

Before that, I submitted two short stories to be featured in the Corner Cafe anthology early this summer. When I know the exact date, I'll spread the news. I'm also halfway done writing Blessing or Curse, my sequel to Forever Young: Blessing or Curse, and hope to get that finished sometime this summer. Of course, I'll tell everyone about that as well when the time comes.

And, this Friday, I, as well as a number of our Acme Authors Link members will take part in the Spring Fling Writers Conference at the Chicago Mariott NW in Hoffman Estates Illinois. I'll be doing a workshop about Blog Book Tours on Friday at 1:00 pm, also offering Forever Young: Blessing or Curse and Killer Career at their book signing, plus attending more workshops, and moderating two workshops on Saturday.

All this goes to prove there's more to being an author than just getting words down on paper. I don't drink any of those energy drinks, so I have to rely on eating right and trying to get enough sleep so I have enough energy to get everything accomplished, or at least as much as I can!

What about you?  Are you busy with writing related projects?

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Marian Allen said...

At this precise moment, I'm busy trying to install a new Operating System on my desktop computer. My next writing project may be a science fiction mystery about how a woman murders a computer.

As for writing, I'm about to upload a flash fiction romance to for publication on Friday.

My short story collection, TURTLE FEATHERS, will be free on Friday, April 27, so I have to set up tweets and Facebook posts about that.

You're right--being an author is SO much more than the writing, which is my favorite part!

Marian Allen
Fantasies, mysteries, comedies, recipes

Helen Ginger said...

You and Marian are two busy authors! And that's good news. Congrats on your launch party, Morgan.

Morgan Mandel said...

Marian, that's sounds way too scary for me!

Thanks for the congrats, Helen.

Morgan Mandel

Dani said...

Everybody must be busy today. You're the only patron at the BBT Cafe. LOL. Look forward to your BRP post tomorrow.

Susan said...

It's a wonder you manage to write at all! Do you have a steady stream of ideas for your books? Or do you take big breaks between them?

Morgan Mandel said...

It may seem I take big breaks between my books, but it's just that it takes me that long to finish them. That's because of all the other distractions that take me away from writing.

Morgan Mandel

Deb Larson said...

Congrats, Morgan - hope all goes well - see you soon at SF.
DL Larson