Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Writer's Life

Hi All!

Sorry to have missed you last week, but I was out of town.

Things are moving along quite nicely at the moment in the life of Debra St. John. I received my galley from my editor while I was gone. Unfortunately we found a couple of minor corrections, so it's back to the powers that be to make a few changes. I'll get it back soon, and then once I okay it, on to production it goes. From there I'll get my release date! (I can't wait to change the 'coming soon' tag on my signtaure to a solid date.)

In the meantime, I've been busy setting up my new laptop so once the warm weather hits I'll be able to do some writing outside. (No more "it's too nice out to sit inside at the computer all day" excuses.) I've been gathering some blurbs to use when the book is released. (A huge THANK YOU to Morgan who wrote a wonderful one!) And I've been researching what types of promotional items I'd like to use when the time comes. (There's a plethora of them out there to consider.)

I am also getting a new submission ready to send off to my editor, and I'm working on the beginning stages (outlines, character development, story line, GMC, etc) for a new book.

All in all, a writer's life is a busy one. But I am having the time of my life!

Until next time,


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Morgan Mandel said...

Right now I'm on vacation watching a very old VHS tape called Bounce and catching up on my e-mail and our blog. That's because I lost so much at the casino I don't dare go back for a few days.
I just happened to notice Debra mentioned in her blog she got a new laptop.
I'm going to need another one also very soon since mine is running out of room and I'm tired of deleting items to make space.
Some people are savers and I confess to be one of them!
Morgan Mandel