Saturday, May 10, 2008

Book Trailers by Margot Justes

When I first started writing, I thought the idea was to finish a good manuscript. Make it exciting, have a good solid mystery, an amateur sleuth, tie it up neatly at the finish. Voila, a completed manuscript. A book.

Not so easy…tougher than it looks. My characters veered off course, I had to learn to write romance and combine the mystery. OK, I did that. Rather well too, I think.

I even managed to sell it. I now can hold an actual copy of my book in my hand. It took me over a month to actually have the guts and look at the content. Not just stare at the cover. Or hug the book and say it’s here, I did it-see, my name is on the cover. I have an actual book with words and everything…

But the job of selling that book is another matter.

I had to have a website. I have it.

The newest trend is book trailers. Same concept as movie trailers-get people to see it and hopefully get intrigued enough to actually go out and buy the book.

I had to have a trailer. I have it.

And it is awesome. It is mysterious, artistic and positively enchanting. My web gal did a tremendous job. Yes, I am leading up to something. Please go to my website (listed below) take a quick peek, it is short, I promise. Let me know what you think and whether it would entice you to buy the book.

Book trailers are relatively new to authors-so any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Till next Saturday,
Margot Justes
A Hotel in Paris
The Heat of the Moment
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Echelon Press LLC


Sheila said...


The video was nice!
Book trailers have been around since 2002 and have been used by booksellers since 2003.
The question is, once you have one, what are you doing with it? How are you making it effective?


Margot Justes said...

Hi Sheila,

Right now it's just on my website, it will be on You-tube and we'll see how it goes...