Sunday, May 25, 2008


Ever have a good idea and you just can't make it work? I'm in the throes of such a dilemma as we speak. Really, it's wonderful idea. Funny, cute, creative...but it is not working out. I'm at my wit's end. I've tried using technology (the computer), I've tried doing it the old fashioned way (copier), and I've even tried taking a break (taking a sledge hammer to some old furniture) before coming back to it.

Nothing is helping.

I've wasted a good portion of this beautiful day inside my house trying to take this idea from inspiration to fruition.

I hate to give up on it. But I'm stuck. I need to wrap my head around it in a new way. Or die trying at this point. I can't let it go.

But enough about me.

As we celebrate Memorial Day this weekend, remember that it's more than a chance to have a day off work. Be sure to pause for a moment of silence to honor those who have fought and died in past battles and say a prayer for those still fighting. We live in a land of many freedoms, but so often those freedoms come at a high price. Don't forget those who have served, and those that continue to do so, giving their time, duty, honor, and sometimes their very lives for our country. Even if you don't support war, support those who fight it.


electronic release July 30, 2008
print release August 29, 2008

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