Wednesday, March 26, 2008

PERCEPTIONS Belong to Point of View By Morgan Mandel


Perceptions play a huge role in point of view. How we perceive things depends on a lot of factors. Even people in the same family, brought up in the same neighborhood and country will perceive things differently, since so many variables can enter into their lives; such as, what order they are born. No matter how parents can try to be fair, a second or third child is not treated the same as the first. Also, the teachers are different, the friends are different, and so on.

Each author perceives things in his or her own way. Those perceptions sometimes end up in books. We need to remember to write according to how our characters perceive their world, not how we do. Also, we need to differentiate between characters and make sure each character's perceptions are reflected as unique.

So, when you write and you feel yourself inserting your own perceptions, think about whether or not you want them to be your characters' perceptions or you need to round out your characters more. Otherwise, your characters will be as dull as the dirty snow above.

Morgan Mandel

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