Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Some write about the past, but I like to keep current. That's why I wrote GIRL OF MY DREAMS, about a straitlaced assistant who turns vamp in a reality show.

Not only reality shows are popular these days. So is country music. It used to be thought of as hokey and not many people listened to it. Not anymore. Country music has gone popular and mainstream. That trend started even before American Idol thrust Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler into the spotlight. Who hasn't heard of Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus, their TV show on the Disney station, not to mention "Don't Go," their hit duet?

So, in keeping with this current trend, I'm posting about something huge coming up on the country music scene.

Believe it or not, Spring is around the corner, which means it won't be long before the Academy of Country Music Awards Show!

I'm a huge fan of country music, so much so I that every night I go to sleep listening to America's Country Station, based in Chicago, called US 99.5, WUSNFM. (99.5 on the dial)

In the evening, when I can't find a good show to watch on television, which is quite often these days, I turn on the GAC channel and watch country music videos and interviews.

It goes without saying that I can hardly wait for the Academy of Country Music Awards Show, which will take place in Las Vegas on May 18, to be televised on CBS.
I wish I could go out there in person, but the next best thing is to be glued to my television to watch and listen.

One of my very favorite performers, Rodney Atkins, is up for six nominations, top male vocalist being one of them. I love "Watching You," the song and video he sings about his relationship with his son, Bear, so I'll be watching to see if it wins in the song of the year or video of the year category.

Kenny Chesney, of course, is all over the place with 11 nominations, one being entertainer of the year, which he's already won 3 years running. Another is for artist and producer for "Shift Work," a great song and video about common everyday workers, along with the sexy twist of the hot gas station attendant. Okay, that part is not believable - you don't see many gas station attendants out there pumping gas, but the way she looks I don't think any of the guys watching the video worry about that little fact!

Brad Paisley, another favorite of mine, is up for male vocalist of the year, album of the year and video of the year.

Big and Rich, Sugarland, Carrie Underwood, and George Strait are all in there again with nominations. Needless to say, they're my favorites also. I have so many other favorites I can't name them all.

You get my drift. They're all my favorites. I'm hooked on country. One of these days I'll break down and write a book about country music. It just might well be the book of my heart, at least until I write about something else I really enjoy.

As I write this, I'm listened to the stream from 99.5 FM on my computer. They're playing my favorites again. Maybe I'll start that new book today.

Morgan Mandel


Debra St. John said...

I've got to agree with Morgan on all of this. I would add Toby Keith to the list of favorites as well! I love Country Music. I love country anything. I met my husband in a country bar. My upcoming book "This Time for Always" features a country bar. And I have to agree with Kenny: tractors are very sexy! Debra

Morgan Mandel said...

Yes, Toby Keith is another favorite of mine. I'm not sure if he's up for any awards. There are so many others I didn't mention, but that's because I love so many of them I can't remember them all.

A new favorite is also Chuck Wick, the one who sings Stealing Cinderella. I'm hooked on Cinderella stories, as anyone can tell from Girl of My Dreams.
Morgan Mandel