Sunday, March 30, 2008

Change of Plans

This past week my husband and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. Over the past year I've had a vision in my head of what this momentous occassion would look like: namely a vacation to someplace exotic - Hawaii, Rome, a caribbean cruise. I also had a vision of the great bargain I would uncover at the last minute to take us on this once-in-a-lifetime gettaway. I was convinced, being the bargain shopper that I am, that I would find a fabulous deal on our dream vacation.

Needless to say, bargain shopping for a tropical vacation during spring break isn't all that easy. In fact, it's down right impossible. For a while (a couple of days at least), I was devastated. I couldn't believe things weren't going to happen as I had planned and dreamed about for so long.

But in the end, things turned out great. We headed off to a local museum campus for the day and had a wonderful time. So wonderful in fact, that we can't wait to go back when the weather's better to look at the expansive gardens. What started out as a bitter disappointment turned into one of the best anniversaries we've had in years and helped us to find a place we'll return to and enjoy for years to come.

It got me to thinking. When I get an idea for a book, there's a certain path I set out to follow. A certain direction I want my stories and characters to take. It's all set and perfect. I have the vision. But most of the time, somewhere along the way, that vision changes. The story takes a turn I didn't expect. The characters do something I'd never imagined they'd do. My original vision is no longer crystal clear. And you know what? It all turns out great! That unexpected twist creates something that I (and hopefully my readers!) want to return to again and again. The end result is a satisfying story better than I'd ever imagined.

So take life's little (or big) twists and turns and go with them. You might discover something fantastic.

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