Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Picture This!

My daughter and I commute on the train to our jobs in downtown Chicago (at least for another week) and it finally struck me that we've done some generational things in reverse. She often reads a traditional paperback and I often read on my Kindle, especially newspapers and newsletters.

It just struck me as interesting.

While I do believe that the younger generations coming up are embracing, and even demanding technology in ways my generation didn't, I think it would be unwise for writers to assume that older generations won't use digital devices to read books and to assume that younger generations won't read in paper.

One example of paper that younger generations still eagerly embrace is that of graphic novels. Comic-Con was just held in San Diego and we, The Board of Love is Murder (loveismurder.net) are adding graphic novel classes.

So, keep an eye on not only the technology changes that are happening but who and who is not embracing those changes and when. What you see and truly observe might just surprise you.

See you at Love is Murder 2011!

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Morgan Mandel said...

I'll be there, Terri!

I'm very near getting a kindle also!

Morgan Mandel