Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Evening Coffee by Margot Justes

My Friday got off to a shaky start.

Hot and humid is the order of the month, and the air conditioner at work is tired and more often than not refuses to work without emergency treatment. The diagnosis is still pending, suffice to say Friday afternoon it stopped working and when I left it has not been resuscitated and I get really crabby when it's humid and hot.

After I left work, my Friday improved considerably. I booked my next cruise, going with friends, not leaving till 2011, but I it's done and will take me to Egypt and Israel. I will finally get to see the Pyramids.

Met friends at Barnes and Noble for coffee and we made plans for breakfast today and the Old Orchard art fair. I was really looking forward to the morning, after which I was going to post a blog about the fair and write.

Mother nature decided to have a bit of fun with a spectacular lightning and thunder show. In the middle of the night the sky lit up, thunder roared till the house shook and then rain came down. A downpour that flooded viaducts and closed some streets.

I made coffee and sat with my cat Tigger on my lap,(that is one spoiled kitty) sipped my brew and watched the birds huddle in the tree branches as the rain came pelting down. Quite pleasant actually...we did re-schedule for tomorrow.

Not exactly what I had planned, but it was actually a very pleasant morning.

Till next time,
Margot Justes
A Hotel in Paris

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