Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sayat Nova by Margot Justes

I don't go to Chicago as often as I'd like, it takes time away from writing and I still work full time.

Usually when my younger daughter comes home, we visit Chicago, and the trip always includes a visit to the Art Institute and a new restaurant. Sayat Nova is not exactly new, it has been in that same location for decades, about 40 years. I used to eat there frequently.

Lat winter I introduced my daughter to the restaurant, and beside I was curious whether it was still a good and reasonable place to eat. I'd hoped the old saying you can't go back again didn't apply. I was delighted to find that it didn't, the food was delicious.

I love Middle Eastern cuisine, and they serve the Falafel, Baba Ghannouj, Armenian Spinach, various Kebabs in style, nicely seasoned, fresh and simply mouth watering.The restaurant is small, cozy, with just the right touches of Eastern decor; the lighting subdued and romantic but you can still see what you're eating.

It is perfect for an intimate dinner and the location is right off Michigan Avenue and the shopping frenzy.

A great place for lunch or dinner.

Sayat Nova
157 E. Ohio St.
Chicago, IL 60611

Till next time,
Margot Justes
A Hotel in Paris


Morgan Mandel said...

Since I work Downtown, I'm very eager to get away from there at the end of the day.

I only eat lunch there, but it's usually a quick one, nothing fancy.

Morgan Mandel

Margot Justes said...

If you ever get a chance for a longer lunch, I would highly recommend the restaurant.
A Hotel in Paris