Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Monday! by June

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a very nice one. I spent Friday bowling with a friend of mine and the kids. When I heard the temperature was going to be 105 with the heat index, yeah I was not going anywhere outside!

Sunday we spent the afternoon at The Grove in Glenview. They had the Civil War days and my hubby is a HUGE Civil War buff. So, we saw how the camps were set up, drank some old fashioned lemonade, (you know just water and lemon-- no powder! "Mom, they put a half a lemon in there!") and watched a skirmish. The south won in the battle this time. I understand the sides alternate so next year or next weekend wherever these Civil War enthusiasts go to they will switch and the north will win.

When my middle daughter read that the participants set up the tents and stay there the whole weekend and live like they did back in the early 1860’s she was quite intrigued. She asked a couple more questions and I thought “Wow, I have another writer in the family!” I was getting excited that she might be interested in the historical aspect and imagined the hours we could spend in the library pouring over books to feed her growing curiosity and imagination as we pondered life in the past.

She read the brochure out loud, “It says that if the tent flaps are closed they want privacy and don’t disturb them”

“Yes,” I said. “They set up and live there just like it was back then.”

“That’s just weird – I bet they are just sitting in there with their laptops or ipods. We should have just opened the tents and caught them!”

Oh, well, so much for my historical writing, but at least she has a vivid imagination.

Have a great week!



Helen Ginger said...

She's going to write sci-fi, clearly. They're time travelers.

Marilyn Meredith a.k.a. F. M. Meredith said...

I bet she was right.


June said...

Ha, Ha! You are both probably right.


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