Friday, May 25, 2018

Moving by Margot Justes

I haven’t posted much on this site, time has gotten away from me, many changes in my life, and the upside down and drastically changing writing business.

I have moved, yes-again-loved my time in Alexandria, but winters turned out to be cold and damp, and as the saying goes I’m not getting any younger, I needed more warmth and sunshine. I don’t mind moving to new places, it is an excellent way to get rid of all the stuff we tend to accumulate.

That meant back to the basics, putting the condo for sale, and finding a new place to live that was historically significant, close to water, and had palm trees. I love palm trees.

The speedy condo sale in one week meant that packing once again was a top priority, as was finding a place to live, and in between all that there was a cruise to Alaska that was booked and paid for. I did not anticipate selling the condo that quickly and was not about to give up the cruises either.

Fortunately, I had visited St. Augustine before, and fell in love with the incredible old town, the beautiful water front, the many swaying palm trees, the proximity to the ocean, but most of all the Spanish history. I had found a new place to live, all I needed now was a house.

 My writing time once again was put on back burner, and evenings were pretty much spent on the couch among all the boxes, and the last thing I wanted to do in the evening was write, brain was on down time, along with the body.

Since moving to St. Augustine last June, I have discovered a bit more of the South, fell in love with Charleston, Asheville is still a go to place, as is Savannah. There are the GA barrier islands that I have yet to discover, and more of Florida, I have visited Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale, and they’re lively and vibrant places to visit, but I love St. Augustine, and the history, wonderful walks along the waterfront, close to morning strolls along the beach, but best of all is living in a community surrounded by trees.

Hope you’ll enjoy a few pictures from St. Augustine.


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