Thursday, July 1, 2010

Are Libraries Necessary? by DL Larson

Chicago Fox News has my attention and it's not the friendly kind in agreement to what they have to say. Seems a crew went undercover at the Chicago Library and decided in a very short time that libraries aren't worth spending our tax money to keep them.

If you would like to view their findings, here is the link: On the search tab type in: Are libraries necessary or a waste of tax money. Or simply google Fox 32 Chicago.

Be sure to read the comments! Most do NOT agree with their findings. And to those folks I say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Nearly every town has at least one library. Where else can a family go and satisfy everyone's reading needs without spending a lot of money? Where can a child just learning to read take home a dozen books without having to pay for them? And when they are finished reading them instead of becoming a stockpile of used items nobody wants anymore, the child can return them and take home another set of books made especially for their reading levels?

I'm so disgusted with this report I want to ... well, I'll be a lady and not put in print the ugly thoughts swarming around in my head. They seem to think the family budget is not an issue and the American family has limitless funds to spend on books, videos and other items offered at local libraries.

Their findings suggested libraries have simply become media centers and that is true to an extent. Libraries have evolved in that direction. Again, this is so those without access to computers may indeed use computers without expense. It has become a very important need for most adults looking for work since most companies now prefer applications be done on-line. Where else could a prospective employee send their resume via the internet at no cost? Where else could they gain free advise on how to set up a resume? Not at Fox 32 News!

Fox News reported they thought the tax money could be better spent on schools: feeding children with free lunch programs - great idea! That has been a staple in all schools in Illinois for several generations! Have they not noticed that or sent in secret cameras to discover this?

So, deep breath here, I encourage you to visit the site and leave your thoughts. It's this type of reporting that has gotten this state into such a muddled mess. This is not news, this is destructive evidence that folks don't research like they should before sharing their views.

Perhaps if Fox 32 stopped at a library they could ask for help on how to research subjects properly.

Til next time ~

DL Larson


Morgan Mandel said...

I grew up in Chicago and used the libraries there quite frequently. Now that I'm in the suburbs, I do the same.

Libraries, even in their evolved state, are a must for a community.

If nothing else, they keep people out of trouble.

Morgan Mandel

Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

I will check this out and make a comment.
FOX as a rules believes their no opinion unless it's their opinion.
If ignorance is bliss FO News must be heaven!!

Giggles and Guns

E. Arroyo said...

Oh no they better not go there. I live in Chicago, have lived all my life and grew up in the Library. I gotta check into this. thanks for the post.

Deb Larson said...

I was really shocked to hear about this. They have the video from the library too - or at least did a few days ago.
I talked with a rep with the Prairie Area Library System (the network surrounding Chicago - but not Chicago itself) and he said the library spokeswoman Fox 32 talked to was edited at crucial times when she was making valid points about the wonderfulness (my word not hers) of libraries.
Really bad reporting - something I'm REALLY tired of!
Thanks for your views!
DL Larson

PV Lundqvist said...

For a writer, a library is another market. People who can't, or won't, buy a book will get it from the library.

There are 100k libraries, if you count schools. Having no library will mean fewer books—period.

Deb Larson said...

That is SO TRUE!! Libraries help keep author's books in circulation well after the book stores have moved on to the next new book.
Spread the word - libraries are an essential part of our neighborhoods and cities.
Thanks for your views.
DL Larson