Sunday, March 27, 2016

Planning a Trip by Margot Justes

I have a couple local trips planned this Spring, meeting friends in Asheville, and then we’ll head to Hilton Head, Savannah and Myrtle Beach. I booked back-to-back cruises in early fall. The cruise will start in Rome and end in Ft. Lauderdale.

I’ve reached the stage where flying is no longer the delight it once was. Coming back from Ft. Lauderdale is shorter, and I really enjoy crossing the Atlantic on a ship. There is some site seeing, and then 5-7 days at sea. Perfect way to decompress, relax and write, and there is no jet lag-time is adjusted daily while at sea. Transatlantic cruises are far less expensive, so it is a perfect option for me.

I’m a planner, as anyone who knows me will attest, so of course I already started. There were a couple of things I needed. One was an over-the -shoulder travel bag, mine after years of use, finally gave up the fight.

I have certain criteria, it must be lightweight, have a solid shoulder strap-that will make it harder to cut, must have a couple of compartments, and must have zippers. I have found the perfect bag, it even had a chain to attach a wallet for additional safety. Made by Kipling, readily available at Macy’s, the bigger version is $80, less if on sale, and Macy’s coupons come in handy.  Pick-pockets abound in Europe, it is a well developed and rather successful profession.

The other thing that has worn through are my what I call-airport shoes-black comfortable mules that I can slip off and on. Like my travel purse, my mules gave up the ghost, and since I don’t like to wear closed shoes, walking shoes that have an open back fit the need.

I never, never go barefoot in an airplane, so shoes I can slip off is the way to go, and they must be comfortable to trudge through airports, and site seeing. I’m big on comfort, and have a couple of pair of Ecco sandals that I can walk miles in without a problem, they pack well, and are not bulky.

The mules are also used if it’s cold and raining while I’m touring. They tend to be bulky, so it’s great that I can wear them on the plane. I do not wear gym shoes while touring, never developed the habit, and am not going to start now, and I pack light. I found just the pair, or I should say, my daughter found a pair for me-ABEO-I tried them, they were incredibly comfortable, and the fit was perfect. I now have shoes and purse. No picture of shoes-they are being shipped.

I have a folder for each trip, and have started my ubiquitous list. As I accomplish the items on the list, I check them off, and more often than not add new stuff. Passports were due to expire in August, and rather than wait, i renewed mine in January, and avoided delays during peak season. So far, 3 things are off my list, and nothing new has been added.

If only I could plan my blogs, and actually write one every week. There will be more of my planning ‘obsession, so please stay tuned.. There is a great deal to see in Asheville, Savannah, Hilton Head-well you get the drift-and of course a hotel to book in Rome, and trips to Tivoli to plan. And a conference in Atlanta coming up right before trip to Rome.

The planning is a learning tool for me, I discover new places, new things to see, and that gives me a great deal of  pleasure, and as a result, my bucket list keeps growing-that is always a good thing..

Happy travels, no matter where they take you.

Margot  Justes
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Margot Justes said...

You just made my whole week. Thank you for reading the blog, and taking the time to comment. It is much appreciated.