Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Trip to Rome by Margot Justes

Rome is one of those cities, that no matter how often you visit there is always something new to see, something that was missed. Considering the age, that is not at all surprising.  

Every street corner, every narrow cobbled street is filled with history, glorious churches, and of course shopping, whether it’s haute couture, or typical souvenir trinkets, it is all available. Did I forget to mention food, it is delicious.

I’ll have 3 days to spend in Rome in October. The Pantheon is high on my list this time around, as is Tivoli, glorious fountains and lush gardens can be seen at Hadrian’s Villa.

Plan is to arrive early in the morning, check in at hotel, and then set on foot to enjoy the sites. After the flight, stretching the legs feels terrific.

If room is not ready hotel will hold the luggage. Since I tend to travel off season, I found that in many cases in Europe, a room is usually available.  

Second day I plan to take a tour bus to Tivoli, that will be a full day excursion. Third day will be spent visiting the Pantheon, and will include a visit to Via Margutta-a street filled with artists. I’ve seen pictures, but have never been, maybe it is what Montmartre in Paris used to be. More walking, and leisurely dining, a few espressos, and cappuccinos along the way will complete the 3 days nicely.  Let’s not forget the gelato.

On the last day I always look forward to a quick walk, and a delicious breakfast, before the taxi will whisk me away  to the cruise ship in Civitavecchia, the Port of Rome-it is about a 45 minute cab ride from the center of Rome.

I already started looking at places to stay. I pick hotels that tend to be close to the center of town, and unfortunately my favorite hotel in Rome, the InterContinental has closed its doors permanently. It was a lovely old property, right above the Spanish Steps, with an amazing history, a past life that included a convent. The rooms were tiny, but the property was lovely, the staff helpful, and the breakfasts delicious. I will miss it.

The Splendide Royal, in a quiet area but walking distance to many sites would be my second choice. October is off season for travel to Rome, but prices at the moment are far too high. I’ll wait and watch. Maybe too many people are travelling ‘off season’ and the hotels are becoming wise. Another possible choice is the Sofitel, also centrally located on a quiet street.

It’s a good thing I booked the cruises so early, prices have risen, but I’m watching them, just in case there is a sale-until I pay for the cruises-I can get the lower price, always assuming it is the same cabin category.

No matter the trip, planning one is a lot of fun for me.

Happy travels.

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