Thursday, June 21, 2012

A visit to the Doctor! by DL Larson

My computer took a road trip.  It underwent surgery and I'm glad to share all is well.  It doesn't look any different and it weighs in about the same as before.  But I've been assured it will be faster and more compatible with other engines it meets when I'm out browsing the web.  The problem, from what I can decipher, is the "carbonite" would not rest, it would not stop backing things up into the clouds and thereby slowing e v e r y t h i n g   do w n  and making my life a living hell.  I'm all about back up and saving things so as not to lose them ~ especially since I've already been down that road and am still paying the price of going unprotected or whatever one calls it when they forget to back up before a storm.  But I'm also impatient and I am glad my hubby intervened and took my computer away before I did something stupid, like send it flying through the window.

So my computer and I are re-united once again and I'm feeling pretty good after a few forced days of abstinence.  I no longer harbor ill feelings toward it.  I haven't thought about tossing it out since it's been home.  So far it's behaving quite nicely.  Surgery saved my sanity.  And my window!

Til next time ~

DL Larson

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Morgan Mandel said...

Glad your computer is all well now!

Morgan Mandel