Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Writing Journal - Entry #1

I thought it might be fun to have a theme for my summer blog posts. So I've decided to go with a writing journal format. My plan (hope) is to accomplish a lot of writerly things this summer, so a record of my progress might help keep me on track!

Summer vacation officially started this week on Thursday. My first order of business was to fix the issues I was having with Blogger and then comment on some fellow writers' blogs. I also took care of some promotional business, and then I turned my attention to an actual manuscript.

One of my summer writing projects is to do requested rewrites and revisions on a mss I'd submitted to Wild Rose. This is the third book of my 'trilogy' and features my bull riding hero Jake.

A few months ago I'd printed out a copy of the entire mss and had started going through and marking things that needed to be changed. Since then, I've actually changed my mind again about a direction for the heroine, so the pages are quite marked up in places. Lots of cross outs, arrows, and notes in the margins.

Thursday afternoon I got out my trusty laptop, gathered a few supplies (sticky notes, notebook, pen) and headed to the front porch. (One of my favorite places to write.) All in all I transfered about 100 pages of written changes to the electronic copy of the mss and used sticky tabs to mark places I want to come back to. Not too shabby for an afternoon's work.

Next week's work will be to finish all of the transfers that need to be done, and then get started on the additional scenes needed for the story. It's also my goal to be a better/more frequent commentor on fellow authors' blogs.

Hopefully, those will be easy goals to accomplish for the week.

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



Quilters' Quarters said...

Not too shabby at all! I enjoyed reading your journal-style entry. I invite you to come visit mine: You'll find your blog listed in my favorite blog list at the right margin.

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Debra St. John said...

Hi Terry...thanks for stopping by. I'll hop on over to check yours out for sure!

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