Sunday, June 3, 2012

Different Paths

Yesterday we worked in the yard. It was a beautiful day and we got a lot done. However, there's an area in our yard that still needs a lot of work. We've kind of let it go a bit, and it's quite a mess. So, last night I got out the gardening/landscaping books and looked for some ideas. I hit upon one I really liked and proceeded to do some 'leg work': a basic sketch, a list of materials, went on some web-sites to check out prices. I had a vision, and it was going to be great.

This morning we hit a few garden supply stores. We found the lights I wanted and got the mulch. My hubby talked me into a different kind of rock than I'd envisioned, but that's'll still be fabulous. And then we hit a road block. I couldn't find the edging I wanted. At a second store, we found it, but realized after looking at it that it would be really difficult to install. The other edging, which would be an easier install, was three times as expensive.

So, what to do? Do we go for broke (perhaps literally) and spend the money on the edging that will complete the theme and be easy to install? Do we bite the bullet and get the less inexpensive but more labor intensive variety? Or do we choose something else entirely which would change the vision I had.

Writing is a lot like this. Sometimes I have a plan, even though I'm usually more of a pantster, I do know where I want the story to go. I have a feel for the story, a vision of how it should be. But sometimes, it doesn't come together the way I planned. Sometimes I need to deviate and go an entirely different direction. In the end, the story turns out fine, even if it wasn't what I expected at first. Often times it's better, because I let my muse take over and rule.

I'm sure no matter what we decide, this area in the yard will turn out great. Only time will tell if it turns out like my original vision.

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Happy Reading!


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Morgan Mandel said...

I'm into the automatic flowers and greenery now. So much easier, but I do admire other people's efforts.

Morgan Mandel