Monday, June 4, 2012

The Corner Cafe is Open! A Tasty Collection of Short Stories by 15 authors including Morgan Mandel and Christine Verstraete

Today is opening day at The Corner Cafe. Can't you just smell the coffee?

The Corner Cafe: A Tasty Collection of Short Stories (BBT Cafe Authors) offers an eclectic selection of stories from 15 authors.

Hey, Morgan, how are you doing? Why hello, there's an author sitting in the corner. And look at the cute dog!

What! A dog in the cafe?

Well, in the adjoining room, at least. And this dog is special.

In my story "Perfect Timing" by Christine Verstraete, a rescued pup helps cafe owner Gina Mason find love and thwart a would-be robber.

Morgan offers two stories:

* In "What Nice Blessings" by Morgan Mandel, tragedy strikes a young adult, testing her courage and teaching her the value of friendship.

* "The Closing of the Corner Cafe" by Morgan Mandel describes the rise and fall of a cherished eating establishment.

Enjoy the stories! Check out the line-up and details at the Blog Book Tours blog.


Morgan Mandel said...

Hi Chris,
You know I love dogs. I have to check out your story at The Corner Cafe!

Morgan Mandel

Deb Larson said...

Good luck! It sounds like a great read.
DL Larson

Dani said...

It was a blast pulling this together!