Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When Love is Murder

Catchy title huh! Love is Murder CON, or more familiarly LIM, is a wonderful Con held in Feb each year, and for 2009 it's coming up soon (Feb 6-8). Go to www.loveismurder.net for more information. But before I go on I must let you know that I am on the board for this Con but lots of members of this blog will be at LIM this year so take a gander at the website and please join us if you haven't signed up already. I have to say that LIM is one of the best and most fun Cons I've been to and been involved with and lots of folks seem to agree.

Being a board memeber is rather interesting and exiciting. Long before I became a member of the LIM board, I of course like many others attended lots of writers conferences/conventions (LIM inlcuded) and from that perspective I often thought and questioned why certain Cons ran things the way they did. Regardless of how a Con is run let me tell everyone that these endeavors are a bucket (I really want to say *#@!) load of work. Now it's not that we don't love to have suggestions to improve and enhance on what we do because believe me we do. BUT it's important that everyone undersand just how much thought and effort goes into a Con even if everything doesn't go they way they want it to.

A recent article from the Romance Writers of America National Organization laid this out quite well explaining all the planning effort invovled in one of these events from finding a hotel to accomodate the Con and the attendees at the most reasonable price possible without detracting from the Con itself, to making the cost of the Con such that the right talent is attracted as headliners and agents and publishers so that the attendees get what they want out of the Con. In other words it ain't as easy at it looks.

The questions that each attendee has to ask him/herself of attending any Con are as follows:

- what will attending this particular Con provide for him/her such a face-to-face meetings with agents, editors, publishers, & librarians (LIM has that)
- meeting top notch writers for both readers and writers (LIM has that)
- networking with other readers/writers as well as the agents, editors, publishers and librarians (LIM has that)
- having a bunch of fun socializing with all of the above (LIM has that)
- and so much more.

So, join us at Love is Murder in 2009 and become part of the coolest crime scene that happens every winter in the Chicago area!

For more information go to www.LoveisMurder.net.

See ya there!


Morgan Mandel said...

I'm really looking forward to this year's Love Is Murder. I've been to everyone of them and they keep getting better each time. It will be fun seeing all my once a year buddies.

Morgan Mandel

Unknown said...

Sounds like fun.