Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sewing and Patching by Morgan Mandel

I don't like to sew buttons, iron on patches or fix pockets, so I avoid such tasks until they absolutely must get done.

The DH needs a button sewn on a vest to wear to work, so I'll break down and perform that hated chore soon.

I enjoy creating stories. It's fun being a writer, but that doesn't mean everything is rosy.

There are certain tasks I avoid when I can. Although some authors love research, I find it tedious. I leave a blank or a question mark and fill those items in later after I've had time to check the Internet, library, or people with experience to help me.

Sometimes I need to think through a scene that isn't turning out right and I have to stop and go back to it later because it's driving me crazy.

Other times I know I don't have the best words down for what I want to say, but can't think of the right ones.

It may seem like I'm griping, but I'm being realistic. Writing doesn't have to be easy or fun every minute.

A finished manuscript, a publishing contract -- those go a long way to make me forget the tasks I performed to get there.

What about you? What do you like or hate about writing?


Unknown said...

When it comes to buttons, I only loved to play with them, or put them on a string and make necklace. That of course was when I was little. I love sewing, but like many other things, I have to start and finish my project in one day or I get distracted and it will take me forever to finish. I wonder if it my ADD or laziness, or a combination of both?
Writing is a little different for me, although I think anything we involve ourselves in doing has to do with discipline, which I'm totally lacking.
Once I turn everything of, lock myself in my office room I can create a few hundred words, but finding time for me is very hard. Stories, I have plenty of those. Ideas are embedded in my head and I know what I want to write about, but can't find the time to do so. Ahhhh, one day perhaps. For now, I'm the irreverent wannabe writer. :)

Anonymous said...

I used to hate research, then I found a subject that intrigued me and before I knew it I had way more information on historical Louisiana than I knew what to do with.

As for fun vs. hard work, perhaps we aren't looking at things in the right way. We shouldn't look at it as we have to do something, but as Zig Ziglar says we get to it.

Think of all the people who don't have the option of doing it at all. Puts things in a new perspective.

Kim Smith said...

What is it about sewing on a dang button? I think I would rather watch paint peel???

Joy said...

Sewing? I love to sew, actually I've made my living at that before. Need mending done? Send it on down.

Anonymous said...

I love to write. I hate to publish. I'd be perfectly happy publishing everything I wrote on the web. I'm a recluse at heart.

Liz Lytle said...

Hint: Better than my old method (Stapling cuff together after button is lost) Try this: When garment is new, coat threads of button, top and bottom, with light coat of clear nail polish. Let dry and repeat. Buttons treated this way stay put for years and years! Liz Lytle, a DL Lurker of some years, now seeking an agent for first in Neely Jane Craig travel mystery series......Perhaps we met at Bouchercon????