Thursday, January 8, 2009

Traveling this winter? by DL Larson

I'm writing to you from sunny California, Palm Springs, a wonderful place to visit if you like warm weather and spectacular views of mountains.

Our trip from Chicago to LAX was really pretty good! We encountered welcoming staff at the Marriott Hotel the night before our trip, and the next morning we were greeted by friendly workers at Midway; we even had an extremely friendly crew aboard Southwest Airlines. We experienced no long lines, no delays, nor any cranky kids! Even my husband was on good behavior!! :)

After a few days visiting my son and his wife, we'll be heading out to sea. I'll let you know how that travel experience was when I get back to Illinois. But my husband and I are anticipating relaxed times aboard ship along with some fast-paced excursions when we put ashore.

If you are planning a trip this winter, let us know here at Acme Authors about your travel experiences. Are you traveling for research? Traveling for an article you plan to sell? Let us know. Margot Justes mentioned she's planning a trip abroad next summer to do research for her next book. Sounds exciting and a wonderful way to mix work with pleasure. I've done plenty of traveling to research for my historicals. Over the years, our family vacations circled around the places I needed to visit.

Do you have aspirations to mix travel with writing? Share your experiences with us.

Due to my vacation, there will be a guest blogger next Thursday. Who? Check in to find out!!

til next time ~

DL Larson


L. Diane Wolfe said...

I'll be traveling all over North Carolina this spring doing speaking engagements and seminars. Plus with a couple book releases, I'll journey up and down the East Coast from Florida to Ohio making appearances as well. I love to travel!

And the nice people at SouthWest does not surprise me. We used that airlines when we lived in New Mexico and loved it!

Deb Larson said...

how wonderful!! Have a good trip and let me know how everything went.
Good luck with your speaking engagements.

Morgan Mandel said...

Our only trips will be to Wisconsin, which we do about 5 times when the weather permits, but we love it there.

Still, California sounds kind of good right now, with it being so cold and lots of snow predicted tomorrow.

Morgan Mandel