Sunday, October 12, 2008

No Filter

Do you know people who have no filter? That is, they say whatever is on their mind without thinking things through, without thinking about how those words might sound or be taken by others? Most of the time they have no idea that what they say might be offensive to others. They don't mean to be mean, they simply speak before thinking. We all do it sometimes. Some of us more than others. And some are prone to do it all the time.

Writing a first draft is a lot like speaking without a filter. Any thought that comes to mind simply goes down on the paper or onto the screen. Writing in the non-filter mode is nice. The thoughts flow. Page numbers increase.

And with the written word, we have the opportunity to go back and make it sound better. Take out everything that doesn't quite go or can be taken the wrong way.

In everyday life, it's wise to think about how your words might be taken. Think before you speak, or so the saying goes. In the writing world, let those words flow. No one but you will ever need to see them until they are just right. There will be time later to "filter" what you've written.

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Happy Reading!


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Morgan Mandel said...

I need to remember the "No Filter" thing myself. I keep writing in filter mode. Takes way too long.

Morgan Mandel

June said...

You mean we're supposed to filter when we talk? Ha, just kidding. I agree, let the words flow.


Norm Cowie said...


Oops ...

Audrey said...

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Scarlet Pumpernickel said...

Enjoyed the article, now I have a term for the free flow writing I use to create my first draft! Just have to remind myself, I can't fix it if I don't put it on the page! Thanks for the insight.

The Scarlet Pumpernickel

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