Monday, August 18, 2008


Okay, I'm going to disobey my publisher here today ... sort of a civil disobedience kind of thing.

... or a guy thing.

(same thing)

Anyway, I've read a few posts by publisher Karen Syed of Echelon Press Publishing where she says that if you are writing a writer's blog it should be about writing. No personal stuff, no rants, no ... well...what I like to call fun stuff.

Respectfully I'm going to disagree with her. I write humor and fantasy and just writing about writing this genre isn't going to tell the reader how fun my stuff is. But if my blogs are fun and lively, the reader might go, "Hey, this guy's blogs are fun and lively. I'll bet his books rock."

Ansyis... oops ... forgot to tell you, I've got a band-aid on my finger and it's messing up my typing.

And this, igstelf, dern... did it again... anyway, this itself is a courageous story. A few hours ago, a little old lady was walking down the street and went to cross against the light. A moped was hurtling directly for her on a collision course. I saw her look up, her weak blue eyes widen and then she squawked and dropped her cane in fear.

I leaped over a Humvee in a single bound, grabbed a skateboard from a passing kid and whizzed into the street swooping up the old lady just as the moped thundered by like a runaway elephant.

Not really. I was opening up a plastic tray of blueberry bread and sliced myself on its razor sharp edges.

But don't worry,I'll just grit my teeth, ignore the pain and bleed all over my keyboard.

(time out ... I have to get some ice cream. Be right back)




Okay, I'm back ... oh, wait ... B R A I N F R E E Z E!

Hold on.




Ah, better.

Random thought here ... I'm watching the Olympics and it's 9:00 a.m in China right now. I wonder if it's yesterday there or tomorrow ... or, um, this morning.

Anyway, back to Karen Syed. She's doing some kind of blog-a-day or something like that ... I wasn't listening (hey, I'm a guy ... I told you that). But she asked me to do a blog for her Tuesday posting, so I put together something pretty fun.

So instead of reading my randomness here, go check it out here >>

Good stuff.


The Adventures of Guy ... written by a guy (probably)
The Next Adventures of Guy ... more wackiness
The Heat of the Moment
Fang Face (YA humor vampire, coming Aug 09)

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Mary Cunningham said...

I agree, Norm. Sometimes you just gotta break the rules!