Wednesday, August 20, 2008

LEAVE YOUR MARK By Morgan Mandel

Rascal leaves her mark. What about you?

Leaving your mark is not only a dog thing. We authors strive to do it also. Why else do we have such a strong urge for people to read our words? Or do we have OCD?

Okay, I confess. I do have some tendencies towards obsessive compulsive disorder. I must check the stove and make sure the doors are locked before I go to bed each night. Even worse, at the casino, I have a terrible time tearing myself away from the slot machines whether I'm winning or losing.

Still, deep down I know the real reason I write is to share and leave my mark. I don't want my existence to go unnoticed. Somehow I want people to know I'm here.
Those are the deep meanings for why I write.

Now, let's apply this to blogs. I've been writing quite a few lately in the hopes of getting myself noticed. In fact, I'm trying my hardest to do one a day at It's not easy with my busy schedule, but I'm proud to say I've got three up this week, which is a lot for me. I plan to continue on and see how far I can go without missing a day.

Today and most Wednesdays except when I'm on vacation, I also do my blog here at and also at

There's a little spot at the end of the blog for comments. I, like so many other bloggers I know, like to check that area to see if anyone leaves a comment. Too often we're disappointed.

When you read a blog, do you just finish it and go on to something else? If so, you're wasting a great opportunity not only to make a blogger feel happy, but also to leave your mark on the Internet. When you leave a comment for a blog, you may think it is buried in obscurity but you're wrong. That comment goes into Google! When you're Googled, your comment in many instances will show up. The more Googles you have, the better it looks, especially if you're an author establishing your identity on the Internet.

So consider leaving your mark here and at other blogs. I'd be very happy if you'd leave a comment, even if it's about how cute Rascal is. If you're very determined to get noticed, consider visiting my now daily blog at and leave another comment.

Morgan Mandel


Mary Cunningham said...

Love the picture, Morgan! Rascal could be my Molly (except Molly is dark brown with tons of gray, kinda like her "mom")

If I read a blog, I make it a point to comment. We all need to know someone cares. :-)


Helen said...

Rascal is a cutie.

And you're right about needing to leave your mark on the world. Just leave a big enough mark that you aren't difficult to sniff out!

Debra St. John said...

Thanks, as always, for the great advice, Morgan. Leaving our mark is important, no matter what we do.

Anonymous said...

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