Sunday, August 31, 2008

Time Flies

It seems like just yesterday that we were anticipating the approaching summer season. We looked forward to barbeques, vacations, and warmer weather. Now here we sit at Labor Day weekend, the traditional end of summer, and look toward autumn.

The kids are back in school, the flowers are beginning to have that sleepy look to them, and football season is right around the corner.

It also seems like just yesterday that I thought, wouldn't it be fun to write a book someday? That someday has arrived. Not only did I write a book, but it's been published and is now available in a paperback edition.

Soon, depending on how fast UPS can deliver, I'll be able to hold a copy in my hands. You can hold a copy in your hands, too. There's even a choice of venue, do you prefer Amazon or Barnes & Noble?

With one book on the shelves, in a manner of speaking, now it's time to look ahead to what happens next. While still promoting the current release, I continue to work on edits and revisions to the mss I submitted to my editor. And I need to find time to write the new one I'm working on.

No, things don't really come to an end. They continue in an endless cycle. There's always something new to look forward to. Some new project to tackle. Some new story to write.

So sit back and enjoy life's ride. I am.

Until next time.

Happy Reading,


by Debra St. John
from The Wild Rose Press

Champagne Rose and Champagne Rosebud #1 Bestseller!


Morgan Mandel said...

You're right
It doesn't end! Congrats & much success!
Morgan Mandel

June said...

Hey Deb!
Congrats on the print release and I look forward to UPS delivering my copy!!