Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Not as easy as it looks

Given the high cost of fuel these days I'm lucky that I can take a commuter train into Chicago where I work. I'm also lucky because I write on my commute - something that would be quite challenging to do if I had to drive. BUT I have seen people do some crazy things while pretending to drive a car.

Anyway, it always amazes me when I tell people that I'm working on my first novel that their first response is, "I've always wanted to write a book." There's a mixture of dream like wishfullness and expectation that it would just pour out. I'm also often asked for the formula for writing a book the easy and quick way. Well, there isn't one - not really. If writing a book were easy to do everyone really would be be doing it.

The other thing that amazes me is that people really believe that once you're published you're instantly a millionaire. Ah, wouldn't that be nice!

A friend sent me a first person article from Senator Jim Webb on writing and I think he says it well. Here's the link:


Writing is often described as a passion. Depending on one's perspective it might be a disease. Whatever it is, hard work and dedication is required. Writing is not for whimps. Check out my Independence Day blog if you have any doubt. Here's the link:


I also believe that becoming a published author comes with a certain level of responsibility, not only to one's readers but to other writers, especially aspiring writers. Writers are many things - entertainers, truth seekers, mentors, and often the collective keepers of societies memories and secrets. Just think where we'd be without all of Shakespeare's plays!

We're also discovering more and more about the past through the letters written by our ancestors. So, it makes me wonder what future generations will think when they read our blogs. How much insight will our blogs give to historians in the future?

Well - at least we're keeping some kind of record. I do shudder to think how much the text messages with those special abbreviations will confuse people. I mean, how much can OMG repeated over and over again tell anyone?



Morgan Mandel said...

I need a few translations. I'm really not up to speed on text abbreviations at all!
Morgan Mandel

Romance Readers Digest said...

My absolutely favorite site for finding out this kind of information is www.webopedia.com. If you go to the quick reference guide link you'll find a list that includes text messaging definitions.

It's a great site. Check it out.