Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Okay, I'll admit it. I'm a self-proclaimed Star Wars geek. I've loved anything and everything Star Wars since I was a little girl. Movies, music, books... In my neighborhood growing up we'd play Star Wars and even did a play once. I am of the generation who was lucky enough to enjoy the original trilogy as a child and all these years later am enjoying the newest trilogy as an adult. And I can't wait for the Pixar movie next month.

I know obscure character and place names, and never fail to get a head shake and a sigh from my husband when I fill him in on more details than he ever cares to know when we're watching an episode. ("How do you KNOW all this stuff?") No one will play Star Wars trivia with me. ("It's not fair, you always win.") And I can carry on a conversation with any given third, fourth, or fifth grader about the Clone Wars.

I not only read the books that tell the stories of the movies and other events beyond, but I read all of the "behind the scenes" stuff, too. I am one of those people who think George Lucas is one of the most brilliant, creative minds on the planet (or any galaxy far, far away). I recently picked up a book about the making of the original Star Wars movie. The one that came out in 1977 and was simply called "Star Wars", but has now earned the moniker "Episode IV - A New Hope".

The book is fasinating. (Although the small print did give me a migraine the other day when I was trying to read it without my contacts.) What truly amazes me is the insight it gives about George Lucas as a writer. Now I assumed that creative ideas would pour out of him and he would barely be able to keep up with them to write them down. Not always the case. There were days when he would stare at the blank piece of paper (he hand writes all of his first drafts) in front of him and not write anything for hours at a time. Sometimes he didn't finish drafts when he thought he would and had to ask for more time. Story concepts and characters changed numerous times, and drastically so. And, he had a hard time selling the story concept to the studios.

Hmnn? This is sounding familiar. I guess all writers, no matter what level of fame or success they have achieved, or have yet to achieve, go through fundamentally the same struggles.

So as a Star Wars fan, this book has been an extremely interesting read. But as a writer, it's been even more fun to discover that I have something in common with George Lucas. (Now if only our bank accounts had similar would be even more grand!)

And while George can say he has a new Star Wars movie coming out next MONTH, I can say I have a new book coming out next WEEK. ("This Time for Always" will have its electronic release on July 30 - so be sure to check it out! By buying a copy you'll be entered for the chance to win a SONY eReader from The Wild Rose Press.)

Until then, May the Force be with you.


by Debra St. John
coming this summer from
The Wild Rose Press
electronic release 7/30/08
print release 8/29/08

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Morgan Mandel said...

Can't wait for your book to be released, Debra!
Also, I had no idea you were a Star Wars fan.
Morgan Mandel