Saturday, July 26, 2008

Architecture of Paris by Margot Justes

You may think I have a theme in mind-in fact I do, it is after all summer and tourist are on the road.

As you can see below, my novel is set in Paris and if you are lucky enough to be going to that spectacular city this summer and happen to love architecture, there is no better place to start than Paris.

Gothic architecture does not come any better than Notre Dame, the flying buttresses abound, and the Sunday peel can be heard for miles. Notre Dame is one of many truly memorable sites, for a stark difference head out to view the Pompidou Center, a contemporary building like none other, and to kill two birds with the proverbial stone stop, delight in and absorb Pei’s pyramid, that wondrous glass structure that serves as an entrance to the glorious Louvre museum.

Where else does the 12th Century blend perfectly with the 21st – why Paris of course.

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Margot Justes
A Hotel in Paris
Art brought her to Paris, then a stranger’s death changes her life.
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