Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Today, Acme Authors Link is very happy to welcome our virtual tour guest, Anita Hackley-Lambert.

About the Author
Anita Hackley-Lambert
F.H.M. Murray: First Biography of a Forgotten Pioneer for Civil Justice

Anita Hackley-Lambert has overcome many obstacles and has never lost focus. Today, she is an entrepreneur, researcher, genealogists, biographer, writer, publisher, and business owner. Her personal motto is "You can become as big as you can dream." Despite numerous personal tragedies, she is a Stage III, breast cancer survivor and has emerged victorious.

She is now a published author and is CANCER FREE!

She owns several businesses and has written numerous technical publications and manuals for the federal government. She is the mother of four and resides with her husband in Maryland.
She has always dreamt of becoming a published author since the age of twelve when she wrote her first unpublished book, No Where to Run--a gripping story of rape and sexual abuse she endured from the age of five. Fortunately, her desire to write is a dream realized with the publication of her first book, F.H.M. Murray: First Biography of a Forgotten Pioneer for Civil Justice (released in July/August 2006).
Hackley-Lambert is the first author to bring this story and legacy to the forefront to embellish American history. Her extensive research is a masterful contribution to the African American race. She lectures on the subject of F.H.M. Murray who happens to be her great grandfather and brings attention to his numerous contributions and accomplishments. And, her book has already received the praise of other esteemed authors, Pulitzer prize winning author/historian David Levering Lewis; awarding winning author/historian Charles Patterson; Niagara Gazette columnist Bill Bradberry; and New York Times bestselling author, Ellen Tanner Marsh.

Article: Writers Groups

Are you a writer seeking to join a writers group? If you are female, is there a local group, for women? Is there one that matches your needs? If you are an aspiring, published, unpublished writer, there is something you may not know about writers groups. Many are incomplete and may not provide the complete support and services you need.
I thought a local writers group could provide adequate support. I was wrong. During my long journey as a researcher and writer, I sought local writers groups but could not find one to assist me with my manuscript.
As an unpublished author, with a large historical manuscript to compile, there were no local groups (male, female, or unisex) that could offer the type of coaching and support needed. In fact, there were no women writer groups in a 50-mile radius. Nor could any of the available groups provide advice beyond general instructions. I was alone, like a small ship in a huge ocean.
It took a decade to find my way and to teach myself how to mesh all the pieces together and get published. Along the way, I had envisioned starting a support group to help women writers avoid the pitfalls and delays I encountered. My primary focus was to start a unique women writer’s chapter to include all the missing components and programs other groups lacked.
That vision birthed into Women Writers United (WWU), a support group for professional and non-professional women who write and dream to have their work published. So in 2006, WWU got its initial start, but the group did not become official until August 2007. After a slow beginning, WWU is now well on its way with a clear focus on its mission to provide complete support programs to its members. These programs include one-on-one and group training, workshops and seminars, plus other services such as researching, coaching, critiquing, editing, marketing, promoting, publishing, website development, pre and post branding, plus community support through sponsoring affiliates.
Fortunately, the new year has started enthusiasm. Several members, as well as non-members, have submitted manuscripts for publication in 2008. As a bonus to members, WWU expects to invite first-time published authors, speakers, and presenters who can share the pros and cons of writing and publishing in the traditional and independent publishing industries.
WWU hopes to start new Chapters in each state across this country -- with the potential for global outreach. Women writers interested in learning more about becoming a Chapter Representative can contact the Maryland Chapter via email at . Be sure to put “Chapter Rep Inquiry” on subject line.

Anita Hackley-Lambert
President and Founder
Women Writers United – Maryland Chapter
P.O. Box 442164
Fort Washington, MD 20749-214
www.WomenWritersUnited.Org (coming January 31, 2008)


Morgan Mandel said...

Thanks for stopping by Anita.
Good wishes for much success with your book. It sounds very worthwhile.
Morgan Mandel

Herod said...

Hi Anita,

I am inspired by your story! My wife is a budding writer and cancer survivor as well. She was diagnosed in stage III last June and declared in remisssion this past Monday! If you have an opportunity, please visit her blog, and please leave a note. She would be glad to hear from and about you!