Monday, January 14, 2008

Friday the 13th and stuff like that

Didja ever have something go wrong on Friday the 13th?

Yeah, I know it's not Friday the 13th right now. It's, um, what... Monday the 14th. But indulge me for a bit, okay?

Some buildings won't even admit to a 13th floor... the elevator skips right over it to the 14th. And it's not always that the building owners are superstitious, it's just that they know that a lot of people won't take a room on the 13th.

Of course, do you think the people happily sleeping, or not sleeping, on the 14th floor, realize that they are, in fact, on the 13th floor of the building? Okay, now everyone's going to be afraid of the 14th floor, huh? Heh.

I never understood the whole rationale of being afraid of a number. Now, if the number was over six feet, armed and had the ability to throw a banana peel under my feet, sure, I'd be afraid of it ... maybe.

And I never got the whole banana peel thing either. Do you know anyone that ever slipped on a banana peel? I mean, where did that whole thing come up from?

I did some scientific research, consisting of just thinking, and gave this whole banana peel thing a thought or two. Okay, I've eaten my share of bananas, and don't see all that much in the nature of viscosity in the peel.

Sure, it's a little slippery, but if it was really as good as advertised, wouldn't you see the people using it for lubrication in gears, motors, sex ... er, okay, maybe not sex. Okay, yes, maybe sex, but we won't talk about it here.

Someday I'm going to do a test and see if banana peels are any more slippery than apple peels, plum peels, kumquat peels, potato peels, bad sunburn skin peels or peals of laughter.

Well, enough of this... I just kind of felt like rambling today. I'm going to finish this up with a quick request for a favor. My second book, The Next Adventures of Guy ... more wackiness, is currently in second place in the SciFi/Fantasy category of the Preditor and Editor Reader's Poll. I'd kinda, sorta like to win the thing.

If you don't mind, go here and vote for it, okay?

Here's the link:

The poll ends at midnight on Tuesday, January 15, which is a really lucky day ... at least if I win.

Anyway, see y'all next week. A real scary day ... Monday the 21st! (shiver)

The Adventures of Guy ... written by a guy (probably)
The Next Adventures of Guy ... more wackiness
The Heat of the Moment

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